… just some sinister morning musings.


“So pitch its sunk into the bone
Need my kings of the dark and unknown
Such a painful and beautiful fate
I’m proof that its never too late

So many dark things inside of me
Are fighting to set themselves free
I feel hate pouring out of my skin
As my devils recount every sin

So I’ll spill the red life out of you
Lick it up and you won’t have a clue
That all of the light kept inside
Nothing more than a beautiful lie”



“Like Shards of the angry sun
Splinter out and come undone
Feel the hate seething in you
I know what you’re going through

I use to stand in the light
Craved a world that wasn’t so bright
So let’s turn our back on the sun
Let this light crawl till its done

Our power twists in the dark
My power rests in my heart
Together we shall become one
Not the shards of the angry sun”

They Rise

When Demons rise

And Kingdoms Fall

Who is left to save you all?


Salvation lost

Damnation found

Our curse upon the bloodstained ground


Your weak are lost

The strong are here

Demonic army you all fear


So nail yourself

All up for us

Drink from this unholy cup


These Demons Rise

Your Kingdoms Fall

And we shall feast upon you all

Of things hidden within my soul

Daylight falls to dusk
Shadows and beauty surround me
Watch everything turning to dust

Seductive Death
He stands at my back
Unwilling to yet take his hand
He awaits in the inky and black

My wings unfurl
Soaking up the power of night
Might as well be a goddess
As I burn in the blue of twilight

This power spinning
My will in this unlighted place
My lover is smiling beside me
Evil written all over his face

One breath
And my magic comes alive
Shattered and remade
Everything that you were becomes mine

This is me
With the mask of humanity gone
Eternal, infernal, and beauty
Wrapped up in the silk of His song



Of Rebirth

Before the blaze I stand
Baptized in darkness
Blackened by memories
Broken by omission

The mask shatters
Its shards lie scattered
Lie twinkling with deception
Piercing the flesh that feels no more

Shadows behind be
Twilight ahead
The blaze before me
A heart lying dead

Hot, but warmth long gone
Consuming itself like all fire does
I stand motionless
Wondering where I should land

Time, flesh, breath
All so unimportant
As this spirit files free
And lands within the flame

Only it can survive the inferno
Relive this again and again
Only it can make sense of the yearnings
That run so amok in my head

Turning away
I melt into shadows
I’m Small pieces of myself
The rest… I have given away



I have Sisters of many colors, faiths… cultures.

Daughters I will never meet, just taking first steps, learning to dance and love.

Grandmothers with hard secrets… they never talked about “those things” back then.

Pain that could fill whole Nations.

Love that could overflow oceans.

At the end of the day, and at the end of my days, I don’t care about what I will be remembered for.

I care about what I have done… For those Sisters, Daughters, Mothers.

What matters are the steps that I take, the arms I will break, the world I have no problems re-wilding to make it safe for you.

If I stand before bullets, those doing the firing should worry for THEIR lives while they attack the Womb of Man. Because together we have the power to rebirth EVERYTHING.

And that is why they fear.

“What Do You See?”



What do you see when you look inside me?
The hunger, the darkness, or what I can’t be?

Do you see lonely when you see these eyes?
Or simply a soul that just can’t compromise?

What do you know about horror and pain?
Do you see the beauty, or simply the stain?

Can you feel the longing as you pull the knife?
Do you dream of the lover that spills out your life?

Did you know that the devils that live inside me
Can live in the shadows of all who can see?

So what do you know about all that I am?
Shall I walk alone with the devils and damned?

What do you see when you look inside me?
Do you see the beauty… or dread that I breed?