Oracle of Nox
Bespoken 1-1-2018
Of Lady Night, for her Children in the following year

Secrets in the Night, knowing only the beauty of Dreams.
Venture to move this hunger to yourself,
to The Beast that cries out with no shame.
Forbidden to touch.
And yet, it is demanded.
In His shadow, trailing bloodlust
Every moment that comes to pass so perfectly.

Scratching words upon paper.
Words from the mist of Dreams. Turning us into our nightmares
You will find the words will stay even after Death
has walked these Halls.
Knowing the gift of Madness
To know what is at the heart of the movement.

She sits watching, and in the increase of her wisdom
has been tormented. But this is Clear: The Two Paths will
speak for themselves.
Self-Creation? Or Self-Destruction
Weakness is holding onto you, will not let you see how to
transform this life.
And although you might suffer,
You must make this life your own.

70, 31, 38, 7, 90, 105, 3, 56, 59.

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