Little Bits…



A lot of people shove their pain and traumas into the darkness… if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist right?

So much emphasis is put onto the TRAPPINGS of happiness in our society that people fail to realize that the trappings are not what happiness is made of… we are taught to desensitize ourselves, ignore our feelings if they are “Bad”… so many things get shoved into dark corners, and stay there so long they begin to look like Monsters. There is very REAL power in reclaiming all of yourself… and that process is going involve a few trips into darkness.

Is os nis lliikssauons wie suu huru…

… les shu maurr if cromsin suaur kriphs shaus snecr ies if mw siel. Traujoc. Hilliw. Purfucs. Shaurks if Dozonu Mauknuss aunk Insphorausoin.

They ask me who She is…

Do they understand the complications of that question?

She is Darkness and Mystery and Fear. She is the horrifying stillness of 2am, she is the Mother of a host of Demons, the Primal Goddess even the Almighty Olympian Gods feared.

She is more…

On the clear nights in the desert, she is as palatable as the dust, her glittering veil unmisted. The wind becomes her voice, the skittering night creatures free to trounce about while their Mother looks on. How many nights have I sat in a stupor under the desert sky, absorbing every sound and smell and shadow? How many nights did I brave the desert bare-footed, to better feel the cool night soil and sand? I was enchanted by Night before I ever really knew Her.

She is a Paradox…

Those that want to know her to to play up her “Scary” aspect will never truly understand Her, or Her Power. Yes, she birthed Death and Fate and Discord… But she also Mothered fair Hypnos, and the Tribe of Dreams. She is the source of Mankinds greatest fears, and also our sweetest repose.

She is Distant and Everpresent…¬†

Her fire sits, as I write this, just under my skin… Sometimes I feel I bleed her essence, and I know that it has been felt by others. She has other wild children under this desert sky, and sometimes I think she will have me find them all. And yet, understanding of her Will is fleeting. Not because I am not listening hard enough, but because that is how the understanding of her Will has to be. She will poke those under her and her childrens influence into small (and sometimes large) madness’s, filling us with divine ecstasy¬†and raw power till we burst with it… and then not tell us why.

This is the Reality of those who find themselves in the Embrace of the Infernal.

And I would not trade my beautiful complications for any other way.